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Tag: Control Panel

We have launched a bug tracker for our control panel project HFESTPanel which is based on WSP codebase. All users are recomended to make an account on the bug trackaer available here. The Alpha version of the control panel is already deployed on our Windows 2008 Servers.

We will appreciate if you allow us to quash some bugs, feature requests are always welcome.


ASP.NET 4As you already know we have been at the forefront of introducing new & exciting technologies from time to time, so it may have come as a surprise to you that we have still not introduced ASP.NET 4 to our clients.

The reason for this delay has been the lack of support in our existing control panel for ASP.NET 4, we know this is not an excuse and we could have hacked our way around it if we wanted. But we did not do that this time, because something else is brewing around.

Yes, some of you may have guessed it, we are introducing a brand new control panel based on exciting extjs framework which will sweep you of your feet. Everything is coming out nicely and hopefully on June 15th you will see the change that you have been waiting for.

So keep your fingers crossed while we burn the midnight oil.